Detritus 179


> 43,000 year old instruments found


> Beeswax paper capacitors? A unique blend of the old sound with refinements of the new!?



Love this portait by Maddy Lucas


> Dr. Bernie Krause: The Great Animal Orchestra

Dr. Bernie Krause: The Great Animal Orchestra from California Academy of Sciences on


> Fascinating Quora question: How did Einstein’s musical practice inform his scientific work?



> Remember the great Music Thing? The last post was 30.11.10 but it remains online as an archive of fascinating um, music things eg the making of the THX Sound


love Lauries intonation & phrasing! And possibly the best career advice ever @15.07! And even if you don’t check the whole speech out, defintiely watch from 31.48…

Lauries advice


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  1. Stephen Saldanha

    Haha I just randomly came across that monkey+synthesizer video and thought to myself how it’s one of those thing’s I would find on your blog..

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