Detritus 18

> Phew! Another busy week: finished ambience premix Thursday/Friday last week, Foley premix Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday and now into FX premixes.. So are are getting closer to where the magic happens i.e. starting the final mix next week….



> Two great music documentaries that I only just got around to watching on youtube:
Synth Britannica and Kraut Rock – want to watch them offline? Try this


> Websites as drugs – the comparison between these two is spot on!


Hmmmm that about perfectly describes my experiences with tequila!


> Dancing about Architecture – the best sound installations of 2009


> The BBC want to document & save the sounds that surround us. You can help by contributing to an interactive sound map of the world!


> The Dutch classical ensemble Lunapark reinterprets some Aphex Twin tracks…
via resident advisor


> Buying yourself xmas presents already? D16 are having a half price sale, I’m picking up a copy of Toraverb, their lovely dreamy reverb


> In some down time I had a good listen through some field recordings by Michael Raphael on his Sepulchra blog & wow! For a starter have a listen to a frozen lake groaning or steam pipes clanking or these very strange sounding Ostrich chicks…. And speaking of frozen lakes, have a listen to Marc Namblards recordings here and Andreas Bicks ice hydrophone recordings here – what an amazing beautiful world of sound we live in!


> An infrasonic sound installation



> Think I might try the earplug exercise from Clean You Ears (perceptually, not literally)


> “My main reason for working, composing music is not to create pieces all the time but to remain ready when I can. One has to be ready for the moments when all conditions are perfect, when one is in harmony with the powers and then uses it in the most efficient way. One has to be awake and aware. Nearly all the problems existing in our society today are self-inflicted and the reason for them comes from the feeling of unreality of our lives that most people have. The remedy is simple, just wake up. Chance favors those who are prepared.”

From The method is science, the aim is religion by Zbigniew Karkowski

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