Detritus 181

> “Rather than using our morality and principles to guide us through technological change, there are those asking us to change our morality and principles to fit the technological change….” – the disconnect – if you read one article today make it that one!


> An IR verb for your iPhone/Pod/Pad? meet SpaceSampler


> Creativity: why you should seek out unusual or downright weird experiences


> The Height Recorder – a rather unique xylophone



> InMono is a small sound-amplifier generating soundwaves from vibrations naturally occuring in public objects. The project aims to let people tune into their surroundings in a new way.


> Stanley Kubrick didn’t like giving long interviews, but he loved playing chess. So when the physicist and writer Jeremy Bernstein paid him a visit to gather material for a piece for The New Yorker about a new film project he was writing with Arthur C. Clarke, Kubrick was intrigued to learn that Bernstein was a fairly serious chess player. – the result?
a 77 minute interview!




> A very interesting Kickstarter project worth supporting – my neighbours Plan 9 are scoring it!

Antarctica: A Year on Ice trailer 1 from Anthony Powell on Vimeo.



> A handy ProTools tip I discovered yesterday when conforming/patching ambiences, an alternate use for Paste Special/Repeat to Fill Selection


While this Paste Special/Repeat to Fill Selection feature is intended to repeatedly loop a region to fill a selection, it also works the other way around! So for example if you select a 3 minute long set of 10 ambience tracks and copy them, and then select a 30 second section elsewhere in your session, this Paste Special function becomes Paste to Fill Selection i.e. it pastes & truncates the overlong copied elements to fit the selection! Incredibly useful for ambiences!!!

5 thoughts on “Detritus 181

  1. Enos Desjardins

    A very handy command indeed…I use it for all sorts but ambiences are probably the biggest one…quickly copying a recurring location’s ambience layers from a previous scene or Ben mentioned I use it a lot for copying/pasting plugin settings or general automation setting to selections!

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