Detritus 184

Prior to my DC3 session, my Sunday morning was spent in the only venue for a form of religion that interests me (an art gallery) and Luc Peire’s ‘Environment 3’ at the Auckland Art Gallery gave me more vertigo than the flight!! If you live in Auckland & don’t know what I’m talking about then shame on you (And even more so because Len Lyes Universe is in the same room!!)


> How does the film industry actually make money? (thanks Peter!)


> Some great field recordist blogs/sites I only just discovered, check them out!

Noise of a City

Mountain Black

Sounds from Dangerous Places



> amen brother! RT @gokulabhi: Maybe their focus will now be on making better #protools


> This is too cute – a kitten piano (be patient, it takes a little while to load but you can ‘play’ the kittens using the 1234567890 keys)

kitty piano


Dubstep Dispute from Fluxel Media on Vimeo.



> Two new camera gadgets I just acquired for a little shoot I’m planning near Kobe, Japan later in the year:

Pico Flex Dolly Kit – incredibly well built & totally ingenuous! It also packs down to be small enough to take when travelling… Also check the developers blog Cheesycam for other affordable camera hacks & grip gear

Trigger Trap Mobile – basically a dongle for your camera and an app for your iPhone/iPad/iPod which lets you remotely trigger your camera in very interesting ways… Support for over 300 cameras… Check out the vid to see some of the clever functions in the app, I’m really interested to try the accelerating/decelerating timelapse functions!

Introducing Triggertrap Mobile from Triggertrap on Vimeo.

And best of all? Both of these accessories are super affordable! the Pico Dolly is approx us$100 and the Trigger Trap dongle, cable & app = approx us$30!

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