Detritus 19

> Kandinskys dub teachings


> 12 track mix by Taylour Deupree 12k on Fluid radio


> Want a $30 discount on SonicCharges drum machine MicroTonic or synth Synplant? If so leave a comment, I only have one to give away so you better be sure!


> I’ve been reading a book called ‘Younger Than Jesus’ which is a directory of up & coming artists under the age of 33 & via it have just discovered the art of Joel Holmberg, who has a domain name involving ‘o’ 53 times:
Amongst other things he asks funny metaphorical questions on Yahoo Answers.. And I love one of the answers, as it pertains to sounds witnessed but not recorded:

no camera


> Also via the book I’ve been checking out the sound art of Italian artist Alberto Taidiello:


> I also love the work of Joe Winter, artist in residence at Eyebeam NYC, who take tape loops to an extreme


> Lastly Lyota Yagi, who amongst other things makes intriguing records out of ice:


2 thoughts on “Detritus 19

  1. Nick

    I don’t know if there is some special internet for New Zealand that provides you with all these wonderful links that end up in your detritus posts, but they’re always fantastic!

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