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Apparition HD all scenes – Klaus Obermaier & Ars Electronica Futurelab from Klaus Obermaier on Vimeo.

APPARITION is an interactive real-time generated dance and media performance feat. Desiree Kongerod and Rob Tannion, with music by Klaus Obermaier


> Laura Mvula live tiny desk concert at NPR


> Great resource for Reaktor users


> We use metadata for access to our sound libraries, but do you realise how much metadata you generate everywhere else?


> What it says on the lid: an HTML5 Drum Machine in your browser


> Awesome list of photography documentaries


> If you were a Google Reader user, then this article will help clarify why Google ditched it, but it and an article that the author links to also made me feel a little sad for where the interweb is headed under Google & Facebooks direction. My impression is these uber virtual entities aspire to be a one stop shop, and they are aiming to achieve that goal by slowly eliminating the most attractive attribute of the inter web: “We get a generation of entrepreneurs encouraged to make more narrow-minded, web-hostile products like these because it continues to make a small number of wealthy people even more wealthy, instead of letting lots of people build innovative new opportunities for themselves on top of the web itself.”



> A microphone that listens with light


> He wouldn’t make it into my top 50 film composers, but have to admit he is effective: Hans Zimmer – tent pole movie score factory, inspired genius, or somewhere inbetween?


> interesting: Nagra VI vs Sound Devices 788


> Eli Keszler and So Percussion perform using the Manhattan bridge and some piano wire….


> Bicycle Built For 2,000 is comprised of 2,088 voice recordings collected via Amazon’s Mechanical Turk web service. Workers were prompted to listen to a short sound clip, then record themselves imitating what they heard.

Bicycle Built for Two Thousand from Aaron Koblin on Vimeo.


> emulating London’s skyline via audio waveforms


Have to confess I often think about how a landscape would sound, if its outline was a waveform. Is that a form of synaesthesia or just too much time spent messing with waveforms? eg Lake Heron

Lake waveform


> Interesting philosophical read, which applies as much to field recording as it does to photography and film: if you extrapolate google glass, what would the ramifications be if you could be in record 100% of the time? Streaming everything you hear to some cloud storage, for later use? On the Constant Moment


> one for Portishead fans: Live at Glastonbury Festival 28-6-2013 (Full Show)


One thought on “detritus 262

  1. bassling

    Duke Ellington is attributed with the line “I don’t need time, I need a deadline” and it leads me to think that losing the decisive moment could be a nightmare.

    Many times I give up editing (text/sound/pics) and start from scratch because it’s easier than trying to get an okay result from preliminary ideas.

    I like the idea of how a landscape would sound. That pic reminds of Kate Bush’s Aerial artwork.

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