Detritus 4

Phwoah! Busy week recovering from a new picture turnover – my PT session looked like confetti after the conform… Anyway, heres what’s been engaging my brain this week…

> An interesting article, The Mundane Fanatastic about a recent trend with film VFX: “To make a moment seem real, one must present it somewhat imprecisely, to counteract the meticulous, slightly inhuman slickness of CGI.” – amen to that, although it still feels a self-conscious, somewhat apologetic approach…

> While on a long walk on a sunny Sunday I listened to an MP3 of a very good presentation Gerd Leonard did at the AMBC in Sydney recently: “Music 2.0 – The Time is NOW: stream or download it here

> Also via Gerd on twitter: a link to a Music Industry Manifesto and one of my favorite lines from the manifesto: “Artists & fanatics run the show – if you are in neither camp you’re fcked”

>Hey so hows your new iPhone? Next time you hear an apple fanboy use the words: great, fantastic, incredible or awesome more than twice in one minute, point them at this video… positive affirmations anyone?

>The Picture editors Guild has an interesting interview with Tarantinos sound supervisors Wylie Stateman & Harry Cohen – note to self, MUST go see Inglorious Bastards at theatre this weekend!

> Art Vinyl a beautiful way to store 12″ vinyl for display

>Bizzarro! a 5 second youtube video of me reversing a car into a pile of fridges has had 21,000 views! Maybe that is the secret to youtube: the average attention span is 5 seconds!?!

> I think I have mentioned it before but I highly reccomend reading “Fans, Friends, Followers” by Scott Kirsner; a great book (available as an ebook & as real dead trees) on digital strategy for musicians, filmmakers & artists. One of the best aspects of the book is the huge number of interviews Scott did as research & these interviews are also included, so it gives you a good reference as to how people in different art forms & styles/genres have evolved their methods to succeed. Very interesting!!

> Memo to old music industry: Change or Die – a philosophical & historical look at how & why the music industry finds itself in its current state…

> The film I am currently working on is called The Volcano and is written & directed by the hugely talented Taika Waititi – check out his very funny short film “ARAB SAMURAI” made for the 48 hour film festival, but ‘handed in about 70 hours too late” – love those old school kung fu sound effects!

> I’ve been thrashing a beautiful beat heavy track that Mary Anne Hobbes played this week by Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo (no, I dont know what it means either) – check it out on his myspace page here! I also found a more reliable source of MP3 copies of the BBC radio shows (& many others) here

> Now this is a great idea: Creative Caravan -its a bit like couch surfing or house swap for creative people…. Hmmmm…. WTD: Music studio/apartment in Tokyo in exchange for same in Wellington, NZ…

>Someone on twitter reminded me of an absolute truism in post production, which I think is originally traced back to Jim Jarmusch: “cheap, fast, good. pick two.”

> Randy Thom will receive the Cinema Audio Society’s Career Achievement Award – fantastic! Congratulations!

> Theres been an interesting thread on the microsound list about structure (or form) in laptop music – have a read in the archive here

> Apparently there was a major UFO explosion in NZ, 1178 AD??? That explains a lot!

> A lovely tabletop terrain generator created via sound mapping… but wont your wineglass fall off? Oh its underneath the tabletop! So you lie on the floor & look at it…. hmmmm…

> Air is a new iPhone app made in conjunction with Brian Eno that’s “like Music for Airports made endless”

> A study recently found 57% of TV Viewers use the Web simultaneously… this is hardly surprising when you consider how shallow most television is – I can count on one hand the number of programs currently screening that are worth my full attention (Mad Men, Daily Show, The Simpsons… um…)

> Maybe heres another: AMC are to ‘reinterpret’ the classic Sci-Fi Series The Prisoner – now that would be a fun show to score/sound design… are you old enough to remember the original?

Hey! Was that castle thunder I heard mixed into the title music? Its up there with the wilhelm for self-referential sound effects…

> Lastly, I just bought a new set of drum sticks but the cool thing with these is they are for soft percussion, check them out:


6 thoughts on “Detritus 4

  1. Andrea

    Formidable pile of detritus… I will be returning to this post to finish exploring the links. I did watch the incredible, awesome, unbelievable video of the Apple keynote – it’s a laugh every half-second!

  2. Michael Maroussas

    i empathize with you on the recut front – currently got my needle and thread out stitching up foley foots that have been butchered from several updates – recently started using conformalizer by maggot who i believe are from your neck of the woods. Just about to take the plunge and buy it but pretty pricey (and only a 6 day demo) so thought i’d ask what you use for recuts and if you know much about conformalizer.

    the caravan site looks cool! quite like the idea of taking off to some new york apartment with my laptop to finish my foley fitting in style!

  3. tim Post author

    Hey Michael
    I use Maggots Conformalizer & have done so for the last 4 or 5 years – its a life saver! Justin is very good at updating it & you can be sure it has been stress tested – he developed it at the same time as working on very complex VFX-heavy films such as King Kong, Lovely Bones, District 9 etc… heres Justins credits:

    if I had to re-buy my studio the three apps I would instantly buy again are ProTools, Sound Miner & Conformalizer….

    A few tips on its use (you may well already know/do these) but:

    – conform the QT & GTs as well as your audio tracks, as then you have a definitive visual & audio sync reference (ie verify the conform is correct by switching between the conformed old QT and the new QT)

    – I tend to region group the entire reel before conforming, so eg for ambiences you can ‘unscroll’ cuts, preserving pre-existing edits…

    – Conformalizer will also conform Markers, so make sure your PT cursor selection is sitting in ALL the tracks you want to conform ie the marker track, old QT track, old GT audio tracks & all your source audio track…

    – importing the old & new QTs into Conformalizer is VERY valuable when dealing with VFX updates, as you can then step through the change EDL & the two QTs auto-locate to the edit point: you can then step through frame by frame comparing them visually. Doing this & verifying the cuts can be crucial to a tidy conform.

    – Our dialogue assistants tend to prep a change EDL for everyone on the team, and they check through the generated change EDL, making fixes etc, deleting unnecessary cuts etc (you can edit the in/out points of the change EDL in Conformalizer) & then exporting the change EDL for us all to use….

    – VFX naming is CRUCIAL and on VFX heavy films it is important to have a meeting with VFX Supervisor & picture editor & their assistant to make sure everyone is aware how important consistent VFX naming is, as otherwise Conformalizer cannot track a VFX updated shot & will treat it as new material (which then requires either manual conforming or for someone to manually add lines/edits to the change EDL)

    I’ll write a post/tutorial on this sometime soon, with a screen capture of a conform…

  4. Dan

    I very much like the “three apps I would instantly buy again” aside … mine would be quite different, as I don’t work in post, but it really made me stop and think about the software that I rely on.

    But please tell us more about those fuzzy drumsticks? Who made them? Sound examples?


  5. tim Post author

    hey Dan
    they should arrive on Monday so will let you know once I get to try them…. I bought them off the local equivalent of Ebay, heres the listing:

    Bass Drum sticks (Big fluffys)
    White sheepskin with foam handle grips.
    Length including handle 32cm
    Length of sheepskin 20cm
    Circumference 33cm
    Had very little use. Retail for nz$90 new

    I’ll email the owner & ask where they bought them from…

  6. Michael Maroussas

    Thanks for that Tim – I sussed out a lot of it from Justin’s online vid tutorials but still a bit unsure of the VFX tracking – I gathered I need to sort out the naming of the vfx when i saw justin’s example was called something like vfx-001-345 and then saw in my edl that the vfx listing was called v2! So I’ll look into that. Loving the fact that it can conform markers! That used to drive me mad that my markers became useless as soon as a recut came along. Thanks for the tips and i’ll watch out for that tutorial post!

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