Detritus 402

▶ shopping essentials!


▶ A visual chronicle of Tokyo’s disappearing jazz bars


▶ Top Ten Words I Am Sick of Seeing on Artists Statements


▶ Listen to Slime Mold Sing a Song


▶ very useful comparison: For those in love with the FULL FRAME look
which system gets closest in 4K = crop factor bake off


▶ wow love these aerial photos


▶ This video has restricted embed, so go watch it at vimeo SPLICES FOR SHARITS (1980) “This homage to structural filmmaker Paul Sharits, was made by re-photographing thousands of cement splices, then arranging them into four movements. The continuous image of the splice bar implies an almost dream-like landscape/ horizon line. I met him shortly after completing the film and gifted a print, which he responded to favorably. Super 8, silent, experimental.”


smartphone orchestra – interesting idea, but a little underwhelmed by the actual music?


▶ re that deleted headphone jack


by Matthew Schoen
Home Appliance is an audiovisual installation that explores the motion and sound of various imaginary contraptions. It takes inspiration from the mechanical, electronic and synthetic world that surrounds us to create new entities or fragments of existing ones, each with unique sonic and visual properties.


▶ beautiful oil/water photos


▶ kanpai!


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