Detritus 403

▶ fish sing a dawn chorus? who knew?


▶ I changed my flight home by 10 days so I could go to a gig by Ryoji Ikeda x Merzbow, but this makes it even better! #we_LOVE_kakapo!


▶ get your unknown pleasures album cover gif thingy here



▶ An orchestra is arranged by the biology of the brain, apparently – I have always wondered if it was some roady imperative…


▶ new doco by Adam Curtis HyperNormalisation is available on BBC iPlayer this weekend


▶ stash this: wifi passwords for airports


▶ wow – new old African Head Charge release is coming!
I remember the day I first hear AHC like it was yesterday! #psychedelic_africa!


▶ maglev turntable, need I say more?


▶ new amiina album coming – interview/back story & preview here


▶ Photography in the Age of Communicative Capitalism by Ben Burbridge


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