Detritus 409

update: for a great summary of 2016 with some hilarial British humour, the whole show is on youtube here


▶ Celebrity isn’t just harmless fun – it’s the smiling face of the corporate machine


▶ I know of a local muso who put on a hi viz jacket & went into a bar during the day (with a friend & a trolley) and ‘rescued’ an unloved piano… turns out you can do almost anything if you’re wearing hi viz


▶ tiny artworks in a test tube


▶ 100 metronomes…


▶ Cooking with sound


▶ Great interview with the creator of that brilliant sheep/Trump cartoon in the New Yorker


▶ I loathe xmas music – thank jah for online shopping! But these almost make those dreadfully saccharine tunes bearable… almost…


▶ save your money, just take a fake vacation (Chinese bridezilla: “For our wedding photos I want the pyramids, with the eiffel tower” um…. sure)


▶ air gap as a verb? Such is the vulnerable internet of things….


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