Detritus 410

▶Ryoji Ikeda :: the radar [kyoto], Kyoto Experiment, 1-6 NOV 2016


▶ the exponential view


▶ the ultimate sound designers message hidden in a movie?
deciphering what was typed based only on the sound


▶ “My religion is the imagination. Human imagination is the strongest thing we have, whether we’re scientists or artists or whatever…” – guess the director?


▶ Tactics for dealing with difficult directors?


Kodak reintroduces EKTACHROME!!


▶ Bansky interview c1995 ex VHS!


▶ useful for locals, but no doubt something similar exists for where you live:
what to plant & when in NZ
ps ate my first raspberries of the season last night – oishi!!!


▶ CRT TV at 1000 fps


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