Detritus 412

▶ skip to 1’46” for group chaos…. and @4’45” for tuning… and @5.10 OMG!


▶ great interview with Robert Henke abut the early days & evolution of ableton LIVE


▶ ever use Air BnB? if so, you’ll want this


▶ this seems like a brilliant idea, executed in a clever way that provides a cucial role in studios (syncing analogue gear to apps) but doesn’t cost a lot: KLIK


▶ thanks Paul!


▶ gorgeous aerial photos of arctic


▶ I have huge respect for the editors who put together film trailers – to distil a film into a compelling and unique two minutes is a huge challenge… but it seems the sound design for trailers is heading in the opposite direction by becoming more & more generic. Even the trailer for a quiet drama nowadays seems to require huge bass hits and stings as though us, the captive audience, might not pay attention… give it a rest! And give that fckng bass drop a rest too…


AVA TEASER / Particle Physics_360 Outer Geodesic Dom
Direction_Design_Animation: Ouchhh (
Sound Design: Audiofil
Ava; is the surface-volume shape coefficient. The main inspiration comes from monumental experimentations which focused on particle physics. AVA’s design originate from the Buckminster Fuller’s iconic dome structure. It has 360 traceable area from the exterior surface of the dome. Cosmic rays reinterpreted within the concept of AVA and the first version of the performance screened at Paris. AVA is a Commisioned Artwork and designed as a portable installation which can be transportable and positionable at any place.

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