Detritus 416

▶ the tiny trump meme is so great (they should have pitched his voice up a bit)


▶ “It’s a discipline, because the path of least resistance for anyone with a lot of sound-making tools is to keep making more sounds. The path of discipline is to say: Let’s see how few we can get away with.” – guess the artist? (+ some great advice re making versus listening)


▶ “My audition tape was to make a sound like The Enterprise going from warp one to warp seven. I had a little set up in the dining room of my house in LA, so I made this filter sweep tone that kept rolling over itself. I turned in that tape and it became the sound of The Enterprise…” – guess the artist


▶ dogs speak in many languages


▶ A tiny intervention makes a huge difference: animals with forward-facing eyes


▶ the sheep that baas at 1’00” sounds like its been smoking 5 packs of cigarettes a day, for years!


▶ Deconstructing the bassline in Herbie Hancock’s “Chameleon”


▶ another nifty drum machine in your browser: Beadz


▶ You’d imagine a writer winning an award would have a great speech up their sleeve…
damn right!


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