Detritus 419

▶ James Turrell | Art + Film Honorees


▶ hmmmm declassified nuclear test footage


▶ imho The Wire Magazine has been the best music magazine & resource for a very long time now, and regardless of a plethora of websites it remains as relevant as ever.. But due to an address change mistake on my part, I only recently got the last 12 issues and have been so enjoying reading them… and just a heads up, the February 2017 issue 396 has a great interview with Edward Artmiev – ‘Soundtracking Tarkovsky’ – fascinating!! And yes, if you’re allergic to paper you can read The Wire via your device


▶ Great back story to one of New Zealands first/best guitar distortion pedal makers


▶ re United Airlines appalling behaviour & the media coverage


▶ Cannes lineup announced



▶ handy VPN comparison spreadsheet and if you really want to get your privacy on, read this


▶ quite possibly the best review you will read of Ghost in the Shell


▶ DIY waking dream machine


▶ love this idea: local video store starts an adopt-a-movie scheme


▶ “I try to remember that making is fundamentally as natural as breathing.”


▶ The man who interviewed the wind
(The Guardian is one place where commenters actually have a sense of humour!)



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