Detritus 430

▶ thanks Spitfire


▶ do you make time to daydream?


▶ “John Cage’s personal library, housed at the John Cage Trust, is a reflection of his wide ranging influences and interests. The library, photographed by Ralph Benko in the Cage/Cunningham loft, has now been carefully catalogued and can be explored here


▶ “Audio software is ugly and confusing…” – agree? disagree?


▶ great interview with the Surreal Machines plugin developers


▶ wow awesome flying fish!


▶ related to that last video, someone posted it on Twitter with the description “Flying fish evades underwater predator” which is brilliant, as it provides some context without ruining the surprise… So WTF is it with sites like Laughing Squid and even Kottke has started to do it, where the title description for a video explains literally exactly what happens!?!
If a video has a unique or fascinating reveal or surprise, they tell you in the fckng title! It is so moronic – the whole point of an intriguing & creative video is that each individual viewer gets to experience a moment of realisation, which is ruined by dumbass literal blog post titles!
I can’t be bothered going through their RSS feeds to find examples, but this would be typical: a music video for NZ band Bailter Space for a song called Splat. Please start watching it before I ruin the fascinating aspect of it…

Now some viewers will immediately twig to how it was made, but here is the thing: each viewer will realise at a different point – some will notice immediately, others will take longer…. and this is how it should be! It is a reveal, and what should not occur is the creative revelation be explained in the fckng blog post title!
/end rant


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