Detritus 434

▶ interesting Kontakt instrument: Vinyl Carving Station


Eno: “I find that you’re a completely different person as a maker than you are as a listener. That’s one of the reasons I so often leave the studio to listen to things. A lot of people never leave the studio when they’re making something, so they’re always in that maker mode, screwdriving things in—adding, adding, adding. Because it seems like the right thing to be doing in that room. But it’s when you come out that you start to hear what you like.”


▶ Why do orchestras seem to play behind the beat?


▶ mmmm Scanimate… ‘thats analog!’


▶ meanwhile on the other end of the spectrum, all 120+ screens you see in Alien Covenant were simultaneously driven on-set by Soma CG’s application MOTHER, made entirely in TouchDesigner.


▶ Laurie Anderson on VR


▶ The father of the modular synth was…. Harald Bode? Check out the two MP3s at the end of the article, such great sounds!!





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