Detritus 440

▶ love miniatures!


GleetchLab 4 is now released! Thanks Giorgio


▶ Some of Jaki Liebezeit’s best drumming outside of Can


▶ John Malkovich recreates famous historical portraits



▶ I retweeted this gif on Twitter (of a piano key mechanism) and (someone/pls comment, i will credit) replied as they wondered about the existence & effect of physical latency on piano players…
#fascinating #non-pianist_OR_professional??


▶ beautiful work by Tokyo based, Polish illustrator Mateusz Urbanowicz – check out “Tokyo Storefront” series at his site, which reminds me of the occasional photo series on Instagram by Kyoto Journal: Small buildings of Kyoto…


▶ a great read: Stockhausen in Japan – listen to the piece he composed at NHK Studios while there:


▶ From the same site, I found this quite interesting, especially in this age of over-sharing: “When it comes to my work methods, I really use time a lot. Like, I’ll do a song and I’ll work on it for half an hour, and I’ll just leave it and I’ll work on some other song. A week later, I’ll be like, “Am I ready? No, I’m not ready.” Three weeks later I’ll be like, “Today is the day.” And I’ll maybe work on it for only half an hour. I think there’s a window that you feel you can actually add to that conversation, and then when you’re just going into some routine, or some conveyor belt behavior, just stop. Just go and have an orange juice or something. Just leave it. What I’m trying to say, in a very clumsy way, is that if you wait, and look at it again in three months time, you can be the other person that sees it from the outside. You can be both the maker and the critic. The way to be both of these things yourself is to use time….” – guess the artist?




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