Detritus 531



▶ really enjoyed watching doco KOUDELKA – SHOOTING HOLY LAND yesterday.
Toting two Fuji GX617 makes his XPAN look like a tiny point & shoot!



▶ EMS Patch Notes ex EMS Book of Sounds



▶ stop motion wood carving



Freedom you say?
“Citizens are adults, and we have to get through this despite the overgrown children among us”



▶ Carsten Nicolai – The aesthetics of mathematics



▶ WOW – enjoy the Guggenheim archive of art books all downloadable as PDF, eMobi, Kindle etc (nostalgia: when I was at University & hating studying electrical engineering, I used to go & ‘study’ in the arts library rather than the engineering library… I got very little EE study done but discovered so many inspiring artists from history!)

Wassily Kandinsky: On the spiritual in art

The Great utopia : the Russian and Soviet avant-garde, 1915-1932

Mark Rothko, 1903-1970 : A Retrospective

Art of the avant-garde in Russia : selections from the George Costakis Collection

Dan Flavin : the architecture of light : Deutsche Guggenheim, Berlin

Joan Miró : magnetic fields

Alexander Calder : a retrospective exhibition

Contemporary Japanese art; fifth Japan Art Festival exhibition

Yves Tanguy : a retrospective

In memoriam Laszlo Moholy-Nagy



Tony Allen Paris Legends of Afrobeat excerpt from Raymond Dumas on Vimeo.







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