Detritus 536



▶ heh heh…. dagnammit!



▶ Can you guess what this is? Answer below.



▶ Love it: The Aging Beauty Of Soviet Control Rooms



▶ My favourite filter plugin just got an update: Cytomic – The Drop
(plus a beta of a newly modelled Tube Screamer!)



▶ love Valhalla



▶ Björk’s Home Studio circa 1994 (thanks Callum)



▶ This is a prototype of the Yamaha Tenori-On!


If you happen to own one, then the link below is invaluable
Thanks ersatzplanet via Tenori On forum at MW

“Here is a link to my Tenori-On folder with all the software, Firmware Updates, Owners manual, Service manual, MIDI cable Pinouts, and over 500 samples that I have gleaned off the net over the years – ENJOY!”






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