Detritus 541



▶ mmmmm branched light



▶ Tik Tok? it’s all about nifty short music videos riight?



▶ great interview with Jah Wobble – theres some great anecdotes about working with Jaki Liebezeit but I also love this bit: “When Bill (Laswell) and I talked about Pollock, he said “I managed to break into Pollock’s studio. I spent the night in there.” He said he scraped paint off the floor and put it in a matchbox.



▶ Great DIY MELLOTRON Project – based on incredibly useful SparkFun Tsunami Super WAV Trigger



▶ whoaow! awesome 3d model of the tunnel and arches below Waterloo Station, London that are completely coated in graffiti… view here
“1732 photos taken on 3rd July 2020 with a Sony a6000 and processed in Agisoft Metashape”







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