Detritus 546



▶ impressive editing/commodification of these times…



▶ wise words from rerecording mixer Chris Boyes



▶ I hate OSX Search via Spotlight, viable alternatives:
– Find Any File
– EasyFind
– NeoFinder



▶ You know how people sometimes ask what advice you would give your younger self? Well how about your older self? Write future you a letter: “Hi future me, I hope you’re still alive…



▶ Spotify CEO Daniel Ek says working musicians may no longer be able to release music only “once every three to four years”

why is that?
to suit their shite business model?

Ek denied criticisms that Spotify pays insufficient royalties to artists (why might he want to deny that?) and insisted that the role of the musician had changed in today’s “future landscape.”


backlink that!







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