Detritus 547



▶ “In our latest podcast, we hear how cinematographer Tristan Oliver found his niche in stop-frame animation, starting out at Bristol’s Aardman studios. He describes the process behind his work for Wes Anderson’s second animated feature film The Isle of Dogs, and Dorota Kobiela’s fully painted feature, Loving Vincent. Plus, he shares essential advice and practical tips on making first steps into the film industry.”




▶ Fascinating: TheirTube is a YouTube filter bubble simulator showing you the videos that are recommended on six different personas’ accounts. It was developed by Tomo Kihara, who explained he started the project after a “heated discussion with a person who thought climate change was a hoax and 9/11 was a conspiracy. Through conversations with him.”
“I was surprised to learn that he thought everyone’s YouTube feed had the same information as his own feed. When we showed each other our YouTube homepages, we were both shocked. They were radically different. And it got me thinking about the need for a tool to step outside of information bubbles,” explained Kihara.



▶ Also worth exploring: AlgoTransparency.Org
What does YouTube recommend? To find out, we created a robot.
Every day, it starts from 1000 channels, follows recommendations, and save videos.
What videos were recommended by the algorithm?



▶ wow Flight Radar 24 but at sea:



▶ Critical thinking is the antidote





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