Detritus 549



▶ is “Bronson – Keep Moving” the zeitgeist music video of the year?
via ThisIsColossal



▶ wow these are beautiul long exposure panoramas shot on ektar 100 with a MAMIYA RB67



▶ The UX of LEGO Interface Panels



“If lucky, they’ll have tracks ripped out of their albums, churned through the algorithmic sorting machine, then plonked into a playlist designed to fulfil a specific function. Instead of engaging with an intimate dialogue with the listener, the musician’s work is forced through the lens of the playlist’s remit, with the rich complexity of artistic intention being flattened to fit. If the track doesn’t fulfil the playlist function, it’ll be skipped… The power dynamic is clear: the artist serves Spotify…”



▶ Experimantal genius Giorgio Sancristoforo is having a summer sale until August 17th
SUMMER BUNDLE – All the software (Apple OSX only) for 50€
Includes: GleetchplugX, Substantia, Fantastic Voyage, GleetchDrone, Berna 2 and Encoder/Decoder that lets you hide messages in audiofiles!



▶ hah! an IMDB entry for the NZ COVID Daily Briefing!



▶ How does this end? Treating COVID the same way we treat school shootings?



▶ Recomposing the soundscape of the intensive care unit



▶ the gentle ambience of heads being cleaned?







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