Detritus 552



Dumb Type 2020



▶ How brilliant is this: GUERILLA GRAFTERS sneak out in the middle of the night and graft fruit-bearing limbs onto sterile urban trees!



▶ Also directly related, if you suffer from hay fever and live in a city, you may have those same city planners to curse!



▶ ho ho ho: sample instrument library idea generator




▶ wow: near real-time satellite images


(I haven’t seen Tenet yet, but this old philosophical chestnut arises again)


Does the director always know best? (the sound mix)


▶ And another article about Tenet sound mix


▶ Directly related, a musician lashed out with this:

They went on to suggest that music mixers could solve all such problems… LOL



▶ lol who made this?





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