Detritus 553



▶ incredibly beautiful two octave A minor euphone by Chris Andersen
(I never thought to try but should be able to play my big waterphone like this, if I suspend it on its side… )



▶ Group Chat: The best way to totally stress out your team?



▶ Somehow I have ended up with 22 tomato plants in my greenhouse! So that can only mean one thing: time to go marigold shopping… #companionplantingFTW



▶ new book: King Tubby—the dub master, by Thibault Ehrengardt
Ordered thanks to a review in The Wire



▶ wow – instant purchase! Sonic Couture Celeste
5.5 OCTAVE SCHIEDMAYER STUDIO MODEL captured with 32 velocity layers!?!



▶ “He is so overconfident and yet so logically unconvincing that my interpreter friends and I often joke that if we translated his words as they are, we would end up making ourselves sound stupid,”
you know exactly who they mean, right?



▶ It was crunch time. The arts had been the first into the COVID coalmine…
And would be the last out…



▶ Yuri Suzuki builds an 808 and 303 in your browser



▶ What does negative criticism actually achieve?

A better approach: Liz Lerman’s Critical Response Process is a method for giving and getting feedback on work in progress, designed to leave the maker eager and motivated to get back to work.






▶ Making Data into Sound



White Noise Baby Sleep

“SEO spam and its various streambait cousins fit right in with Spotify’s own marketing strategy of being a one-stop shop for “music for any mood,” rather than, say, a hub that highlights the most talented artists.”



▶ Apart from making great music Dubkasm also have some useful tutorials for beginnners in dub – ep1







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