Detritus 554



▶ XXL EBows via Oscillatorial Binnage



▶ Japanese mascots getting stuck, a thread



▶ googles: Autechre SIGN review on N2O
WHAAAT? zero results? the internet has failed me



Forms – Screen Ensemble from Playmodes Studio on Vimeo.

FORMS – SCREEN ENSEMBLE via matrixsynth



▶ The opposition party in NZ has been rapidly imploding, which means an opportunity will soon appear for a new leader and one person who seems to get mentioned a bit is also a Pentecostal… which doesn’t really make sense since the majority of citizens of NZ are non-religious… But, watching pentecostal “dancing” with music swapped out to something completely inappropriate is still LOL funny…


Do you think they practice their moves at home?




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