Detritus 556





▶ R.I.P. Chris Huggett creator of the Caterpiller, Gnat, OSCar, Spider, Wasp (plus a series of synths for Novation like the Bass Station and the Peak) A number of products were also announced but never actually produced including the Flea, which was to have been a cheaper version of the Spider and some monstrosity called the Playing Mantis. Chris expands: “There was also the Eagle — after the insect range we were going to move onto – the bird range! It was a kind of synthesizer spacecraft on paper. You went inside a module and played yourself out landing on the Moon. I left before things got to this point, I’m pleased to say.”



▶ Dream project: recording icebergs



▶ Don’t want to scare anyone but I ordered two x Patchulator 8000
If some kind of black hole of feedback opens over Karehana Bay, you will know why…



▶ not recent but fascinating!



▶ AFX genetic branding??


▶ walking from Shibuya to Shinjuku…





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