Detritus 557





Indie bookstores unite!



▶ Winners of the 2020 Epson International Pano Awards



▶ In New Zealand, the idea of voter suppression is unheard of. Even on the final voting day, it takes less than ten minutes to vote. So when I read of the process, and the time involved of actually getting to vote in the US election it seems very strange… Until I read this thread



▶ Prepared Rain by Henry Collins – “For this recording he has assorted a number of objects in the outdoors which he describes as a ‘drum kit for the sky’. Objects and microphones are moved at the Artist’s whims, while a heavy downpour of rain and ‘intermittent guttering drips’ create a variety of textured rhythms and cacophony.”



▶ At the end of this article on the drum kit of Carlton Barrett is some fantastic 1970s design, Zildjian Cymbal Set Ups of famous drummers



▶ BLUE HAMHAM – Tiny Drummers





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