Detritus 558



String Resonator for Room (detail) from S J on Vimeo.

▶ interesting method of string resonance – rotating magnets!
Also see Duofluctus by Sergey Filatov
both via Lines thread: DIY Scaled-up EBow-type Feedback Device



▶ beauty in maths: strange attractors





▶ great twitter thread: what’s an indoor hobby you’ve taken up out of sheer desperation this year that has turned out to feed you in ways you did not expect?



▶ Christopher Nolan says fellow directors have called to complain about his ‘Inaudible’ sound
(I have not seen/heard Tenet so I do not have an opinion either way… And while it is great to hear a great film director championing creative use of sound, as always the proof is in the pudding.)



▶ PODCAST: The Strangeness of Dub – Join Edward George, on a journey into reggae, dub, versions and versioning that draws on critical theory, social history, a deep and wide cross-genre musical selection, and live dub mixing.



▶ Another fascinating thread, by TrollZoo about ‘aged’ fake social media accounts used for lobbying and support of some RW nut job. Consequence: I now wonder what percentage of early adopters of every new platform are actually just playing some very long game, hoping to cash in a decade later.



▶ “paging Elon Musk to the burns ward…





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