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via @PeterBirro:
“Extraordinary videoclip from the recording studio where Sergio Leone directs the sound effects guy Renato Marinelli during the post production of For a few dollars more and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.





▶ free drum machine samples via reverb



▶ I love Natura 1600 but…



▶ If Rockets were Transparent





▶ This is toxic capitalism:

YouTube are going to serve Ads on channels that aren’t eligible for its partner program!


I purposefully do not have ads on any of my videos because I fckng hate ads and do not want them inflicted on anyone while watching one of my videos. So it isn’t that I am not ‘eligible’ for their ad revenue share, it’s that I DO NOT WANT IT! (I keep a mirror copy of all online vids on vimeo so if they start serving ads on Youtube I will switch to vimeo as my primary video server. #Tonedeaf)

I also pay monthly for Youtube Red specifically to avoid seeing ads when watching vids on Youtube. This clearly is about $$$$ so WTF? Why not do what vimeo do and offer a paid yearly sub/buy out for advertising-free video hosting, as per Youtube Red!? It is odd when a company as big as Google do a worse job than a small company like Vimeo.





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