Detritus 562





▶ What do you do when one of the world’s largest wet-plate glass negatives, a nineteenth century panorama of Sydney weighing over 30 kilos, smashes into hundreds of pieces?



▶ It is almost seems like being a pop star is really not a reason to have valid opinions on anything else:
Why do pop stars fall for conspiracy theories
Why indeed.



▶ Buy your Spotify playlists on Bandcamp with this simple tool



▶ paging Mario Wienerroither:
Where is the Nils Frahm music-less music video??



▶ NZ is very regulated with routing cables in streets etc.. Accordingly I loved seeing the seemingly random evolution of cable routing when travelling in SE Asia, and today discovered a fantastic Flickr photo group: wired sky





▶ Ben Anderson: “The programmed drums on this track were sick, so I decided to learn them. Very chill tune! Huge thanks to Lenny Vitulli for letting me record this at his place. I tried out the blindfolded approach too cause, why not? Single shot/take.”





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