Detritus 564





▶ A Guide to the Doctor Who Theme Music



▶ lol Bernie as an ‘Anarchist Grandpa”
One of many v.funny zingers in Charlie Brookers ‘Death to 2020’ on Netflix



▶ great year end music selection at aesthetic complexity



▶ Ethical quandry gingerbread man



▶ mmmm we love Room Tone



▶ strange insta account worth a follow: thundergirl_xtal



▶ A camera made of cheese?



▶ great read: Following Colin McCahon



▶ reminds me cable routing in Japan train stations, via @circuitmix



▶ can the idea of influencers also be a casualty of 2020?



▶ NY Times: 2020 in Photos – overwhelming, what a year!?!



▶ Google Trends ‘Year in Search’ 2020 Visualized



▶ a perfect project for 2020





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