Detritus 569



▶ Best one yet?



▶ If you enjoy karesansui, check this insta account by artist Yuki Kawae



▶ “There are some things that when you listen to them again and again begin to irritate you, but when you get to the point that nothing irritates you, then it’s done.” – guess the artist?



▶ BBC: Caroline Catz on Delia Derbyshire



▶ Sample Snitching: How online fan chatter can create legal trouble for producers



▶ I ordered the BluRay of the Koudelka – Shooting Holy Land documentary partly as it contains extras including an interview and Q&A with him… During the Q&A someone asks the question, whether success is important to him, and what success looks like:

“To answer this question, as far as photography is concerned, it is a great success for me to do two or three good photographs a year….. And another success is that, when I wake up in the morning, nothing hurts, I can go outside, I feel good and I can photograph.”

A follow up question led to one of the most insightful commentaries on the current state of photography, and his own modus operandi. Beautifully philosophical, but grounded in hard won experience.



▶ At some point in the distant future, when international travel is safe, my next trip to Japan is going to include a visit here – fantastic work by architect Junya Ishigami



▶ love the shockwave that travels across the chain after impact
also: mute the ridiculous music – its a bicycle, not the end of the world!?!





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