Detritus 570



▶ North Island Kokako pair duetting



▶ David Bowie as spiders



▶ Most annoying sound?



▶ What a hideous human experiment Spotify is. As if conspiring with the big labels to reduce royalties to an unsustainable level AND distributing them inequitably wasn’t bad enough, now they want to listen to you and gauge your “emotional state, gender, age, or accent,” in order to recommend new music!?
It amazes me what people will allow, simply for the sake of what exactly? Convenience? To avoid thinking? It feels to me like these big tech social experiments will eventually end up like cigarettes, where they have to display a (mental) health warning on the cover before you opt in to use them.



▶ I think Hiroshi Sugimoto was the first long exposure film photographer i ever became aware of, via my first trip to Japan and a visit to Naoshima.



▶ This is so beautiful – a monarch butterfly swarm filmed by a disguised drone…
But put a horror score & sound design to it, and watch those lovely images make your skin crawl!





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