Detritus 575



▶ This is an excellent demo of what great creature vocals contribute to films… Just try suspending your disbelief through this playlist of Orc scenes dubbed with “normal” human voices



▶ Sad to hear that Rupert Neve has died, aged 94.
What an incredible legacy he leaves…



▶ Is a whale a fish? A very strange criminal case about ayahuasca tea in Japan



▶ RPS Science Photographer of the Year winners and runners up announceddirect link to online exhibition



▶ “If our circuits started doing things that even remotely resembled conventional instruments we just tossed it out.” – guess the artist?



▶ Bells of Atlantis (Ian Hugo, 1952)
Electronic music by Louis & Bebe Barron



▶ Peter Cullen tells a few stories and does a brief voice demo



▶ Two lynx discussing impeachment/covid etc…





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