Detritus 576







▶ “Since 1977, Yoshiaki Sofue, an astronomer at the University of Tokyo, has told anyone who would listen that the Milky Way’s “North Polar Spur” is an expanding shock wave from an ancient galactic calamity. Data published last month confirms that he is right!



▶ a chat with Jonathan Wolff – the guy who wrote the Seinfeld theme music – “You can chart the course of my TV Music career by that long trail of mushroom clouds and blast craters behind me. At each one of those disaster sites, I had to kiss a frog. Most of those frogs just exploded and failed to survive season one.”



▶ I like these sounds



▶ “I can’t imagine anything worse than having to hide your RAW files in case people see how much is post production.”



▶ Data Analysis Reveals Film Industry Age Bias & Blindspots



▶ Taiwan is using humor as a tool against coronavirus hoaxes



▶ A visual search engine



▶ How great is this: Guerrilla kindness:
Anonymous strangers spread messages of hope around Wānaka



▶ PSA: mute the silly overly dramatic music – it’s a drone in a submarine!



▶ motivating?



▶ PSA: Doom trigger warning: I Asked Bill Gates What’s The Next Crisis?
His answer: a new version of Windows lol





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