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▶ Marlon Brando Explains why He SNUBBED the Academy Award For Best Actor Of THE GODFATHER



▶ Turkish garbage collectors open a library of rescued books



▶ Public libraries are: Palaces for the People!





▶ a Northern Lights Livestream!



▶ Totally agree with this tweet
Similarly why do youtube videos always seem to have a close up of some gormless human as their main visual promotion? What is it they are selling, their vanity?





▶ ‘Unlocked’ is the opening track on the Unsound ‘Intermission’ album, created by sound recordist Chris Watson.
In this video, Chris takes the audience on a guided walk through the places and techniques used to create the piece.
The ‘Unlocked’ track is composed from field recordings made by Chris during lockdown in May 2020. Beginning with the rediscovery of the sunrise soundtrack over his suburban garden in North-East England, the piece concludes on the basalt sea cliffs which form the natural defences of the 14th century Dunstanburgh Castle on the Northumberland coast.





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