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▶ handy free iOS app for film shooters: Datafilm



Reverse-engineering the Yamaha DX7 synthesizer’s sound chip from die photos



▶ You give money to Spotify? Spotify/Ek gives that money to military/defence startups
Toxic is as toxic does!



▶ And… some questions for Bandcamp (paywalled now, sorry)



▶ Five key factors in creating graphic scores for large groups of improvisors



▶ I am old enough to remember when using ProTools if you held down CONTROL and clicked on a knob or fader it would turn green and you could then assign it to MIDI control. Not sure what version it was but when Digidesign started selling their own hardware cotnrollers that feature magically disappeared… grrrr…
Happy to say Refuse Software have brought back that exact feature via a nifty app called Mulligan!



Copyright and Jamaican music



▶ Ethan Hein is a great twitter follow for interesting music theory analysis, along with his blog eg his analysis of Miles Davis – In a Silent Way is a great read!



▶ I’ve been an ableton LIVE user since version 1, and it is so satisfying to watch the evolution of a great musical instrument and many years later nothing could give me more confidence in the future of ableton than from this article: “….one of the investors asked the two men from Ableton, “What do you guys think about us being part of you?” They proposed an investment that Diplo said would have been a “significant payday” for Ableton…
Behles didn’t budge. “We don’t have any investments in our company,” he replied.
“These tech investors never heard anything like that,” Diplo remembers. “Everybody was like, ‘What?’”

Sitting in the Ableton office, he elaborates on the company’s vision to never sell out — even after he and the other partners are no longer with us. “The desire to preserve the company’s independence also makes us look for solutions that guarantee beyond our own tenured lifetime,”

via CDM


▶ Also from the same article, we can see why investors are so interested in a new market to exploit: “Worldwide, 500 million people either play an instrument or plan to learn, according to MIDiA Research; 50 million make or record music, and 25 million upload that music to streaming services.”



▶ I could live here… except they appear to have forgotten to install a vegetable garden…





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