Detritus 617



▶ Two stars seems a bit mean



▶ “Spotify’s default album play setting is auto-shuffle”

Nothing makes me angry more than when my dumb car stereo switches my iPod to shuffle… it is not a function I have used or wanted, ever. If anyone needs to ask why, well…

I have enough respect for the incredible amount of talent, effort and hard work that is involved in creating & releasing music, so when I buy a new album or EP I also know the musicians involved have thought hard about track order and how they want their music to be experienced.

So what do Spotify do, BY DEFAULT?
They do whatever they want, because it’s just data to be commoditised and used for data extraction. They don’t GAF about the musician’s intent. Well until someone with enough power complains and suddenly they pay attention…

Every time I think my opinion of Spotify could not sink lower… they surpass my expectations!



Fear Stalks the Land – A Commonplace Book by THOM YORKE & STANLEY DONWOOD





▶ lol…
but it made me start thinking about alpha channels for sounds…



▶ true!





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