Detritus 621




▶ L O L



▶ fun glitchy sequencer in your browser: Intersymmetric Works Sequencer 01
Mark Fell and Rian Treanor



▶ Working with web feeds: RSS etc



▶ Holiday film-festival-at-home plans?
me: Jane CampionThe Power of the Dog
Score by Johnny Greenwood (great interview)
Sound design by Dave Whitehead



▶ trigger warning: cryptobros hurt feelings:
▶ “even though they look different, they all manage to suck in the same way”
▶ “the content is hobbled by the aesthetic deficiency of everyone involved”



▶ Uncle Brian has opinions on NFTs
“How sweet – now artists can become little capitalist assholes as well…”



▶ And generative AV works as NFTs?
“Invocation is a collection of 1000 generative audiovisual works made by Telefon Tel Aviv and EFFIXX exclusively for Nowhere Gallery”

They are quite enjoyable, as per many #generative AV posts on instagram
(Would be much more so, full screen hi-rez hi-framerate)
But I’m really not sure what purpose the prescriptive descriptions serve?
#003 is “Loner Mischevious Pensive”
#009 is “Cordial Laissez-Faire Unmoved”
Is this to preempt human interpretation or something?
It feels a bit like photographers naming a photo of a tree “The Tree’
It is a tree.

ps is this the web3 BUY NOW button?

No thanks.
My wallet will be staying right where it is, thanks very much.



▶ OMG this is the funniest twitter video of the year (Snopes spoiler below)



▶ (it is scripted, based on a real event that is even more bizzare..)



▶ I really hope re-staging weird news is a trend for 2022
Ukraine: FFS – NOT LIKE THIS!!!







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