Detritus 622



▶ Dogs versus Cats?

Kitty is not scared of the void!



▶ interesting idea that sounds wild: passive drum synth (powered by CV/gate length)



▶ Mark Zuckerberg Is TNR’s 2021 Scoundrel of the Year – a very funny read!



▶ interesting Synth UX UI timeline of design work by Axel Hartmann



▶ Due to COVID, the Japan Media Arts Festival is online this year, and the winners have been announced so it is a great way to check out some of the best contemporary works in many creative fields…

I would LOVE to experience this work “Sea, See, She – To you, who is yet to come” by evala (Japan) – An “invisible cinema” that brings a sensation of “seeing with your ears.” Being enveloped in total darkness and surrounded only with sound for about 70 minutes, each viewer envisions completely different images in mind…
I have experienced some of evalas work in the ICC Gallerys anechoic chamber, which had a 3d cube speaker array, and I remember one moment where it distinctly felt like the sound of gentle polystyrene crunching was travelling up my spine! 70 minutes in the dark with their sounds would be hallucinogenic alright!

This work TH-42PH10EK x 5 by Stefan TIEFENGRABER (Austria) won the 24th Art Division Excellence Award and looks incredible, and after reading the description I did quick google search and found an installation view on youtube… The sound is produced by the amplification of the friction to which the pendulum joints are subjected. The five oscillating sounds merge into one another with a time offset. The visualization on the screens is a direct translation of the analog audio signal into an analog video signal. Voltage and frequency are represented by loudspeakers in sound on the one hand and as flickering horizontal white lines on the monitors on the other.

▶ 24th Entertainment Division Excellence Award
0107 – b moll by KONDO Hiroshi[Japan]
full screen viewing highly recommended!!

0107 – b moll from Hiroshi Kondo on Vimeo.





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