Detritus 630



▶ Thanks for the shout out by 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown!



▶ “In PROBES #32 we trace the history of some newly invented instruments, including the Chromelodion, the Boo, the Mazdaphone, the Quadrangulis Reversum, the Crystal Baschets, Harry Bertoia’s Sonambiente, the unearthly Daxophone and Arthur Harris’ Mother Lap Cello Harp, Whispering Harp and the14.5 metre viol, whose lowest strings are inaudible to the human ear.




▶ Beautiful architectural photos taken inside musical instruments by kiwi Charles Brooks who comps hundreds of photos shot with a snorkel cam.

Previously Romanian artist Adrian Borda did similar

ME: Lets not do a series of the interior of old synths and drum machines… too many stories of techs finding ‘evidential crumbs’



▶ My Problem with The International Landscape Photographer of the Year



▶ A tech insider skewers the metaverse, Web3’s utopian ‘propaganda’



▶ Listening to insects



▶ good discussion: Spotify And Rogan: How To Engage With Misinformation – Jon Stewart



▶ great idea: Noise Radar



▶ would love to see slow mo!





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