Detritus 638



▶ Happy Easter… Eggs?



▶ handy intro to M4L






▶ Ekspeak: “unlock the next wave of growth in the music economy….”
8 seconds at a time!? FCK OFF EK YOU PARASITE!!



▶ Weaponising music copyright!?!
Police blast Disney music to stop YouTuber from filming them in California, video shows


▶ More copyright trolls



punk basses?
(w t f an Ak47 bass!?)



Late stage capitalism/music industry machinations continue



▶ Awards have always been a conduit to finding interesting work, long before it reaches these shores… for film especially Cannes, Berlinale, Sundance, Baftas and the pre-selection contenders for Oscar foreign film… But for intermedia/digital work the same applies to ARS Electronica







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