Detritus 639



▶ Giant TB303’s first outing 2016 >> watch at Youtube



▶ Enjoyed this podcast i/v:
Electronically Yours with Martyn Ware – EP78: Tim Pope



Aerial Photos of Solar Farms



▶ a summary of the (covid safety) choices a US doctor is making



▶ “I brought my childhood imaginary friend back to life using A.I. (#GPT3) and it was one of the scariest and most transformative experiences of my life…” – a thread



▶ The KnobKraft Orm – The free modern cross-platform MIDI Sysex Librarian



▶ lol, who made this?



▶ Love Teenage Engineering… but this new mixer was not designed for bass player fingers!
Even ‘normal’ fingers seem Godzilla size… Have to wonder why such tiny scale was a design goal?
“Pass me a toothpick, I need to adjust the gain on ch4″





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