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▶ ok sound nerds, have you ever heard of this device before today? Not me…
Eltro Information Rate Changer

Thanks Matteo Milani: “I knew it by the name of Tempophon (manufactured by Eltro Automation). Currently there’s a unit here in Milan in the Museum of Musical Instruments that houses what remains of the RAI Musical Phonology Studio.





Mutable Instruments are ending production!
Pichenettes: “I won’t design new modules and production is progressively stopping. Modules are marked as discontinued when the last shipment is sent to dealers. I can’t predict when it happens as it depends on how fast a batch is made, and how fast it gets sold”



Open Sourcing Twitter’s Algorithm Part 1: How Twitter Works



▶ Art of the Cut: Navigating Love and Loss in “Drive My Car”
Fascinating discussion with Azusa Yamazaki, the editor of Drive My Car.



▶ Support an interesting project: Her Name Was Moviola
“Join acclaimed film editor WALTER MURCH and esteemed film director MIKE LEIGH in a unique new documentary project which tells the story of Moviola editing.”

We are proposing to make a documentary film about what it was like to edit 35mm films on a Moviola. If we don’t do something like this soon, it will be too late. Those of us with the muscle-memory of how to dance with the Moviola are exiting the scene, and all the necessary support equipment is disappearing into landfills with each passing day.

Recreating a 1970s edit room costs money. There are no edit suites frozen in time, and so we have to reassemble all the equipment and technology from scratch. We need to source items from people’s basements, from disused store cupboards and museums. Old tech also comes with its own issues of servicing and making it work again!



▶ If you don’t talk about your art, no one will.
The Basics of Publicity



▶ new Brian Eno doco







▶ ‘unique’ laughers?





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