Detritus 642



▶ What’s It Like Drumming For Prince?



▶ remember MONDO magazine?



▶ Maybe the best response to conspiracy theories is…
even more absurd conspiracy theories!?
How “birds arent real” took off + snopes



▶ MINIBAY = Compact 40 point desktop patchbay



▶ What Makes a Great, or Terrible, Audiobook Performance? The case for doing less



▶ “Music is not a bunch of notes and chords. Music is storytelling.”



40 years of the BEST Music Magazine!



▶ YT Commenter: “This is a Japanese artist performing a German composer’s music, remixed in a Swing-Jazz style originating from African Americans, on an instrument invented in Italy.”

And to note: @2’00” she adds half a beat to get the happy clappers back in time ^ ^





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