Detritus 649



▶ Ryuichi Sakamoto & Shiro Takatani – TIME



Where Did the Long Tail Go? – interesting article with many interesting comments (makes a change from social medias shallow commentary) – another article worth a read, mentioned in the comments:
The Rise of the Internet’s Creative Middle Class



▶ Is this a great idea or a really bad idea?
pro: easy to record dawn chorus
con: impossible to sleep in, due to dawn chorus right beside your head!



▶ If you’re on a wait list or frustrated by unreliable availability of tech goods, this article explains the chip shortage “The components in a semiconductor can travel well over 50,000 kilometers and cross more than 70 international borders before a chip finally reaches its end customer”



▶ wow glasshouse life goals! – I really hope it makes a really great, scary, dangerous sound when it opens! “Mecha glasshouse open, take 1… ”



▶ The Matrix of Pejoration



▶ Rhythm Becomes Pitch
aka the dot becomes a line





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