Detritus 673



And the award for cutest voiceover goes to…



▶ brilliant work by Dillon Marsh: For What It’s Worth
“These images combine photography and computer generated elements in an effort to visualise the output of various mines in South Africa. The CGI objects represent scale models of the materials removed from the ground”



▶ Sakamoto: “I don’t have the energy to do live concerts… This might be the last time that you will see me perform in this manner.”
Info/stream here



▶ World Map with Anthony Bourdain’s shoot locations



▶ Our Conscious Experience of the World Is But a Memory



Merch? I’m sure they’ll be popular with the blue rinse brigade..



▶ Oh the irony.
Daniel Ek, Chief Spotify grifter whining about how Apple’s app store business model is “unfair”
What a douche. How about listening to the complaints of every musician he shafted with his backhand ‘equity for low stream rates’ deal made with the big labels?
Ek: “Wah wah it’s not fair”
Musicians: “Damn right it’s not fair!
Ek: “Not like that!”

Also funny, they made a website to explain their ‘problem’
And the domain name they choose?
So tempted to register





▶ I made an edit
(the original cartoon had a residents head on his t-shirt)







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