Detritus 678



▶ nice!



Search 5.8 billion images used to train popular AI art models:
Have I Been Trained?

▶ I wonder if in the future, we’ll just automate cease & desist legal notices by AI, for other AI training use infringements???



wow, check this 1938 synth restoration project!



▶ “With Ripcord, you can power from your laptop, phone charger, USB powerbank etc…



Art In The Age Of Optimization



▶ Interesting live tech run down of Nils Frahm here where they casually mention he uses 5 x 501 Chorus Echo on stage… but actually owns 11 of them!



▶ interesting: AudioSculpt as plugins!



▶ Got a vinyl fetish but can’t justify getting any pressed? Check out:
Vinyl lathe simulator
Vinyl cut simulator



▶ Soundings #1 Sarah Kenchington





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