Detritus 709



▶ [borgvox] Yes goddamit – do not make me ask twice!



▶ cooking class with a real Nona!



▶ interesting new series & streaming/download ecomm scheme by Soderbergh:
US$7.99 donated to charity to watch his new ‘Command Z’ Series



▶ meanwhile…



▶ #nocontext



▶ just a heads up: it really pays to regularly audit any recurring payments via Paypal! The issue is that you do not receive any advance notification that a recurring payment is due for payment, until after the payment for the next period is made. And if you no longer use or want that service you then have to request a refund. A factor with this may be that some companies send too many emails. As an example, I bought a cheap plugin the other day, and since I bought it I’ve had 3 marketing emails from that same company in the first week. So I unsubscribe from their ‘too many emails’ marketing approach, & if they did send a reminder I would never get it. But Paypal is the payment medium, so there should be an option at Paypal: email me BEFORE an auto payment is taken. This is just one of many reasons why subscriptions suck! I would prefer to have absolutely no recurring payments, and when a service or plugin is due to expire, they should contact me requesting a new payment. Deleting all subscriptions now.



▶ #nocontext



▶ DIY Sound System FTW!





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